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Valley landscape
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Protecting birdlife against pests through significant yet affordable conservation projects

Anyone who spends time in the New Zealand bush knows how dreadfully quiet it has become. It is no news that our birdlife is in decline and many native species are on the brink of extinction.
There is a growing realisation amongst New Zealanders that we can’t just sit back and “let the government do it”. If we want to preserve our natural heritage, Kiwis have to get out there and help, and also to contribute financially.

With projects already established in Fiordland's Cozette, Iris and Irene Valleys, the Valleys Project offers private individuals and corporates the opportunity to undertake significant yet affordable conservation projects in partnership with DOC and the New Zealand Nature Fund. These projects aim to adjust the balance in favour of our birdlife by trapping predators in areas currently without any control measures. They will combine strategically with DOC’s mammalian pest control work and with existing Valleys Projects to become part of a greater whole.

We seek to involve like-minded individuals who would enjoy the opportunity to visit remote areas regularly, and who are prepared to contribute financially to conservation work. There is the opportunity to give your time in the backcountry a real purpose, enjoy companionship and the satisfaction that comes from being involved in a worthwhile endeavour.

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