Leading the fight against the extinction of our most endangered species

We raise funds for the effective protection and restoration of Aotearoa New Zealand’s biodiversity - at scale, in the wild, for generations to come
Forest Scene Fiordland Forest © Andris Apse

Nature is quietly disappearing. Aotearoa New Zealand is at imminent risk of losing thousands of our native species, never to be seen again.

The statistics are sobering. The indigenous species threatened with or at risk of extinction include 46% of our native plants* and the following native animals:

Water meets Landscape © Crystal BrindleWater Meets Landscape Crystal Brindle

Biodiversity decline

Many of New Zealand’s indigenous plants and animals are found nowhere else in the world but these unique treasures are being lost at a frightening rate.

We are looking at extinction rates a thousand times higher than the natural rate.

We have positive conservation stories for a small minority of our native animal species but these require active management to maintain numbers and, except for a few examples, populations cannot be sustained in the wild.

And the actual number of species threatened or at risk is likely to be a lot higher given that around 5,000 of the assessed 14,000 terrestrial, freshwater, and marine species are ‘data deficient’ i.e. there is not enough information to know their status.


Sources: Environment Aotearoa Report 2019, Ministry for the Environment, StatsNZ; IUCN Red List; The Society for Conservation Biology.

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of reptiles
of freshwater fish
of all seabirds
of terrestrial birds
*Excludes non-vascular plants such as green algae, liverworts, mosses. NB: Over 10,000 indigenous NZ species assessed. Sources: Environment Aotearoa Report 2019, Ministry for the Environment, StatsNZ; IUCN Red List; The Society for Conservation Biology;

Bringing together donors with the projects that will achieve the change our natural world requires

We raise funds for projects that halt the decline, protect and fully restore Aotearoa New Zealand’s wild places, strategically and at scale – establishing wilderness full of diverse and thriving eco-systems for generations to come. An independent charitable trust, our goal is to raise $30m over the next five years, bringing together conservation donors and investors who understand the urgency and are committed to achieving this turn around.

Sam Neill
"We always have to remind ourselves of how fragile life on this planet is and what responsibilities we have."
Sam Neill
Actor, NZ Nature Fund Ambassador, DCNZM OBE
Denis Marshall Transparent
"Since human occupation New Zealand has become one of the most modified environments in the world in a very short space in time. We have a responsibility to protect and conserve what remains of our precious natural environment."
Hon Denis Marshall QSO
Chair, NZ Nature Fund
Our Approach
Andris Apse Yellow eyed Penguin

Critical Projects

Conservation action that turns the tide on our species and habitat decline. Critical, large-scale, ‘big picture’ projects, bringing together the people undertaking ground-breaking work in the field and magnifying the impact made.

Yellow-eyed Penguins | hoiho © Andris ApseAndris Apse Yellow eyed Penguin

Critical Projects

We need big changes for nature and quickly.  Achieving change at scale is not just about going big; it is about ensuring the foundations are solid, the catalysts for change are identified, and the vision is clear and achievable – whilst keeping core guardianship and conservation values at its heart.

  • We develop and support landscape scale projects that bring together smaller local projects, creating synergies and amplifying impact.
  • We focus on Aotearoa New Zealand’s most vulnerable species and habitats.
  • We work with experienced and committed people and groups on the ground.
  • We create alignment between individuals, businesses, for-purpose organisations, community groups, government and conservation experts.



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Kākābeak or ngutu kākā Photo Mike Fisk


Multiple options to contribute to game-changing conservation work. Donations and investments clearly making a difference, with an assurance of transparency, accountability and expert management of funds.

Kākābeak | ngutu kākā © Mike FiskKākābeak or ngutu kākā Photo Mike Fisk


We work with you to make it easy to give to or invest in game-changing conservation work.  We welcome a range of philanthropic contributions, including:

  • Individual donations for targeted conservation work, including one-off giving or as a regular commitment e.g. monthly donations
  • Funding partnerships for donations of $50,000+ with an option to spread contributions over multiple years
  • Business fundraising for the NZ Nature Fund e.g. percentage of sales, donation options at point of sale, donation codes on products, staff fundraising
  • In-kind contributions e.g. business services, specialist expertise, tech for projects


Our donation and investment services and options include:

  • Prudent fund management, transparency, assurance and accountability
  • Business giving opportunities
  • A secure online donation portal
  • Tax benefits – NZNF is a registered charitable trust in New Zealand and the US





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Accountability for the impact made to nature through measurement of outcomes. Meaningful reporting of each project as well as the difference they have made.

NZ Native Gecko Photo Credit: Tuan Nguyencaefeadfcfdfe


Our goal is significant – enduring change, widespread diversity, at scale, in the wild, for generations to come.  We report on projects using meaningful outcomes that are occurring; this means looking beyond the numbers and seeing what is happening on the ground.  We ensure:

  • A clear view of what project success looks like
  • Evidence-based reporting
  • Meaningful measurement of key indicators
  • Regular and transparent reporting

We also maintain and report on how individual projects work together in an area to create impact.





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Support the New Zealand Nature Fund

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Your contribution will not just help to save thousands of wildlife and habitats, it will help create a brighter future for our children and theirs. Donate here direct to our bank account or contact us to discuss other options.

Donate to the Fund
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We are looking for individuals and organisations who want to go further than a one-off donation and significantly invest in the future of New Zealand’s ecosystems. Contact us to identify the best options for you to do this.

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"Nowhere is the loss of biodiversity more pronounced than in Aotearoa New Zealand"
Dr Mike Joy

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