Saving the Southern Dotterel through art

29 Feb 2024
Henry is an artist who loves our New Zealand Native Birds. His aim is to create awareness for our native wildlife and to financially support conservation work so that our endangered endemic birds can thrive for generations to come
25% of all proceeds get donated to conservation causes.
Today he donated $500 towards the critically endangered Southern New Zealand Dotterel/Tūturiwhatu.
Henry has also started an auction on Trademe to buy his Original Framed Drawing of a Dotterel he photographed back in September ‘22.
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100% of the proceeds from this sale with go to the New Zealand Nature Fund that is Fundraising money for this fund.
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Trademe listing details:
Selling 1 X Framed Original Drawing of our New Zealand Dotterel by a Kiwi artist:
Henry Grayson
Why we should help?
The Southern NZ Dotterel is CRITICALLY ENDANGERED & one of the closest birds to EXTINCTION on the planet.
There is estimated to be just 126 individuals as of April 2023.
Supporting this cause will aid desperate pest control efforts in remote dotterel breeding habitats, helping to protect the birds when they are most vulnerable.
Rakiura/Stewart Island is the last refuge for these birds, but it is still not safe. Feral cats frequently predate on adult birds and their chicks. Additionally, it will help fund monitoring and research of the species.
So please show some love for our Southern Dotterel by sharing this with a friend or making a bid.
If you would still like to help the dotterel, you can purchase a dotterel print or any other print from Henry Grayson & 25% of the proceeds will go to this Southern Dotterel project. Henry has 16 NZ birds to choose from.
Protecting and restoring nature is needed more than ever
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