Milford Sound
Photo Credit: Andris Apse

The south west corner of Aotearoa New Zealand, Te Wahi Pounamu is one of the most special places on earth.

With 1.2m hectares of virgin rainforest, fourteen fiords puncturing over 200kms of coastline and sheer granite mountains rising from the sea to over 2700m, it is an increasingly fragile home to a unique range of indigenous species. For some of our most treasured species like Kea, Fiordland is rapidly becoming their last remaining refuge.

Even in this remote place, eco-systems are deteriorating at a worrying and rapid rate. Regular hikers of the mountain valleys have noticed significant change over the years but few people realise the danger that our most treasured wilderness is in. There is a pressing need to stop the disappearance of ecosystems here, and major work carried out to turn it around into a thriving wild landscape once again.

Turning around the loss and restoring Fiordland as a biodiverse wilderness, full of thriving indigenous creatures and plants, will enable it to be a stronghold for species like kea, whio, weka, the New Zealand falcon karearea, kiwi tokoeka and kaka, as well as a range of marine, invertebrate and flora species.

Project Fiordland is a multi-faceted project, comprehensively bringing to life conservation and biodiversity, including:

– Wild species recovery of endangered flora and fauna
– Targeted ecosystem building
– Strategic pest control to topple our biggest threats to native wildlife

If you would like to contribute to the project as a whole or in part we would love to hear from you. It will take people like you to make this extraordinary work possible.

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