Species in the Wild Project

Takahe Photo Credit: Corin Walker Bain

Every step of the way is important when rescuing a wild species and enabling them to flourish again in their natural habitat.

It is an ambitious, multi-layered project including:

– Creating flourishing biodiverse habitats
– Having prolific and genetically diverse breeding programmes
– Building conducive transitional wild-like reserves such as large scale aviaries and reserves
– Successfully transferring species from reserves into the wild
– Long-term monitoring and analysis and field support to ensure a species is flourishing in its new wild habitat

The breeding programmes are incredibly sophisticated, balancing the care and survival of each and every bird, whilst preserving its wildness to ensure it will have the best chance of survival in its natural habitat.

The identification and preparation of wild spaces takes determination and commitment over the long term and includes research of ecosystems, species monitoring, pest control and often native flora and fauna rebuilding. From the underground networks and waterways, to the plants and trees, to the invertebrates and the birds in the sky, these wild spaces need to work from a full ecosystem point of view.

Building on past learning and successes with species such as the takahē, the orange fronted parakeet | kākāriki karaka and with a range of wild habitats, there are multiple ways for individuals and businesses to engage in these projects and support them.

If you would like to support or champion our species in the wild please don’t hesitate to donate or get in contact. We welcome your support.

Support Species in the Wild

Enable our precious endangered species to flourish again in their natural habitat.

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